Tanna Muse

Tanna is invaluable to Crow Hill Bible Church and the community of Bailey. If you don’t find her meeting with a high schooler at a coffee shop she will probably be at one of their games. Since she has joined 8370 Youth, CHBC’s youth group, there has been consistent growth and teens feel more connected than ever. 

Tanna brings joy, great teaching, and a relational heart to the group that challenges us and the local teens to love God and each other better. Tanna and her team are hopeful that the youth group will continue to grow. It seems as if we have a new face every week. In order to care for them well we need your help supporting Tanna. 

We live in one of the poorest communities in the poorest county in the state of Colorado. Tanna’s ministry would not be possible without the gracious and generous supporters. If you would like to partner with CHBC in supporting Tanna press the link below or please contact Tanna at 8370.tanna@gmail.online for more information.